Damage Policy

Damage Policy

All carriers are selected through stringent guidelines for service and quality control. If you have a concern regarding delivery, please advise our customer care department immediately. In the slim chance that you receive a damaged order, please review the following steps:

1. NEVER refuse a delivery. Refused deliveries incur additional costs and decrease the chances of getting resolution in a timely manner. Refused deliveries are also subject to initial and return shipping costs, plus 30% restocking fee. Any damages from refused deliveries are non-refundable, and because it was refused, would not be noted. We are not responsible for ANY costs associated with a refused delivery.

2. Compare your order with the materials received. You (or the person you designate) are responsible for noting on the delivery receipt any damaged or missing items. Upon initial receipt, please look for indication of damage on the outside of the cartons or packaging material. If no notation of damages has been made on the delivery receipt, you are accepting the delivery "as is" and the product cannot be replaced. You, as the consumer can make a direct claim with the carrier.

3. DO NOT DISCARD any of the damaged material. Once reported, the damaged material is the property of the carrier and they have 120 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick up or advise to discard the damaged material. Unless otherwise advised by carrier, do not throw away or destroy any damaged material received. All Flooring Solutions cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages that occur due to the fact that the carrier is responsible once the product leaves our possession.

4. Customers have 30 days in which to acknowledge a claim. Conditions: Warranted products are under the discretion of the manufacturer. We will help resolve any concerns you may have but guidelines set forth by the manufacturer are the tolerances we must follow to resolve such concerns. Manufacturers’ warranties do not cover: moisture-related concerns (buckling, cupping and gapping), indents such as scratches from heels, shoes, pets and others; inexperience or customer-related install errors; Color fading and/or darkening is a natural occurrence caused by exposure to UV rays (direct sunlight) and is not considered to be a product defect.

Claims Policy

If you received a defective item or found defects on products before installation, we will be happy to take care of the issue. Please follow the steps below so that your claim may be processed in a timely manner:

1) Please file your claim via email to warranty@allflooringsolutions.com 

2) Mention your order number or name on the account 

3) Enter a brief description of the issue 

4) Attached 6 digital pictures clearly showing the issue 

5) Make sure your contact information (email address/working phone number) are correct 

6) Tell use your preference for either credit or replacement 

A All Flooring Solutions Representative will contact you through email within 5-10 business days to provide you instructions on how to proceed and to assist you with the entire process. If the digital pictures cannot clearly show the issue, you may be required to send us samples of the defective items. If pictures and samples are not enough,