Mannington Hardwood Flooring

Mannington Hardwood Floors are designed to reflect the latest trends in American home furnishings and cabintery, Mannington hardwood floors offer beauty, durability, and performance. And our floors are crafted with care to ensure that you get a floor you'll love for many years to come. Earthly Elements Earthly Elements is a revolutionary hardwood that offers unparalleled artistic freedom using two new shapes - Squares & Rectangles, and traditional Planks. These shapes allow the ultimate in design flexibility using three simple steps. 1 - Choose the color, 2 - Choose the pattern, 3 - Design the floor. American Classics American Classics features the traditional and timeless looks of oak, maple, walnut and hickory in a versatile variety of shades and hues that complement today's most popular cabinetry and home furnishings finishes. Exotics Exotics offer a global infusion of color and design. Unique looks combine with the dramatic variation of these responsibly harvested exotic woods for a look that creates a tropical oasis in your home. Hand Crafted The Hand Crafted collection of hardwood floors offers choices that are hand-sculpted and hand-finished for authentic artisan texture and beauty.

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